The Inertia Bar

Comfort, Wine & Grill

56 Avenue South, London 66490
Breakfast, Meals & Dinner

Comfort meets friendship

I would like to take the opportunity to write an introduction in this section. I live in the beautiful city of Amsterdam with my family.

My friend and I started this restaurant back in 2005. We've received 2 michelin stars since, it truly has been an adventure.

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To start

$7 ionicons-v5-e Guacamole & Chips

$9 ionicons-v5-e Chicken Wings

$7 ionicons-v5-e Garlic Noodles

$9 ionicons-v5-e Sirloin Tacos


$13 ionicons-v5-e Caesar Salad

$10 ionicons-v5-e Bacon & Cheese Salad

$10 ionicons-v5-e Shrimp Salad

$11 ionicons-v5-e Seafood Salad


$7 ionicons-v5-e Banana Ice cream

$5 ionicons-v5-e Cheesecase

$5 ionicons-v5-e Sweet Potatoes

$5 ionicons-v5-e Strawberry Ice Cream

$5 ionicons-v5-e Brownies


$7 ionicons-v5-e Grilled Carrots

$5 ionicons-v5-e Mashed Potatoes

$5 ionicons-v5-e Fried Sprouts

Hard dish

$24 ionicons-v5-e Roasted Salmon

$15 ionicons-v5-e Grilled Lamb

$18 ionicons-v5-e Smoked Chicken

$20 ionicons-v5-e Sirloin Burger

$15 ionicons-v5-e BBQ Ribs

$15 ionicons-v5-e Grilled Pork Loin

$20 ionicons-v5-e Grilled Cheese Burger

$15 ionicons-v5-e 500g Steak


$4 ionicons-v5-e Newcastle Brown Ale

$5 ionicons-v5-e Hobgoblin Ale

$6 ionicons-v5-e Duvel

$5 ionicons-v5-e La Chouffe

$5 ionicons-v5-e Stella Artois


$7 ionicons-v5-e Fancy wine

$8 ionicons-v5-e Oh La La

$10 ionicons-v5-e Thorny Rose


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